Update from COVID-19 Response Team [2020-03-18]

  1. Everyone is to practice diligent social distancing and to stay home as much as possible.
  2. If you have been travelling outside of Canada. Please self-isolation for 2 weeks. If there is any needs, please contact the church through admin@gcgcny.org or 416 499 0111 x 101.
  3. For seniors and who do not use internet or social media, these updates will be passed along through a telephone chain. Rev Cheung will coordinate for the Cantonese congregation. Rev Ren will coordinate for the Mandarin congregation.
  4. All English, Cantonese and the late Tues morning Mandarin prayer meetings will be held virtually. All other early morning Mandarin prayer meetings will continue at the church.
  5. The worships will continue to be live-streamed every Sunday morning. Each lead pastor will organize the details. Each lead pastor welcomes your feedback.
  6. Rev Chan will start planning how to do the 30th Year Anniversary Worship on May 24 virtually. He will look into ways (different software) the membership meeting that day can be held virtually.
  7. Rev Chan will record a pastoral message to be sent to members of all 4 congregations. We will encourage the pastors of each congregation to send regular pastoral messages to their respective congregations.
  8. The Grace Community Food Share will be implementing processes to protect the clients and helpers.
  9. Each congregation will decide whether to continue Communion and if so, in what form.
  10. Good Friday service will most likely be held virtually.
  11. We will make decision in late April about whether to have baptism. If we have baptism, the baptismal classes will be held before then.
  12. We may be holding D&E classes online with class time and subject determined by the respective teachers. Please stay tune for any upcoming announcements.

What if I have a fever, cough or difficulty breathing? Do I have Covid-19?
You can find the answer instantly and get immediate medical advice at: