Community News [2020-12-20]

  • Looking for volunteers for our church website management! If interested, please contact send email to:
  • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all group meetings are currently on hold. For specific meetings and events, please contact the corresponding leaders for more details. Thanks for your patience!
  • Offering via E-Transfer is now available! <> Provide your Name and Offering number. Thank you to those who have expressed concern about the church’s financial situation amidst this pandemic. The church is now accepting e-Transfer and online credit card donations. Please pray that these along with your offerings and the church financial reserves will help the church through the pandemic. 
  • Last Week’s Offering: General: $28,926.20 (Y-T-D $716,202.13), Building: $50 (Y-T-D $11,845), Special Fund Mission: $225 (Y-T-D $22,968.46), Foodbank: $305 (Y-T-D $22,331.83).
  • Dr. Susana and Dr. TK Wong from the English Congregation are hosting English Online Courses (until Jan 31, every Sunday from 730-9pm for a total of 13 weeks). Currently open to doctors, resident doctors, medical students, patients, family and friends. If you have relatives/friends who speak English, please encourage them to visit the website below to register for topics of interest (no attendance required)( If you can participate in the following: (1. Organize 2. Be the team leader 3. Build friendship with new friends in the group 4. Prayer group), please contact Santos ( To share Jesus’ love, we need people to help buy and deliver one food item to each Apha guest for one time.  Contact person is Terence ( or Clarence (  If you can help, please sign up at:
  • If you need to enter the church, please contact the Church Admin 48 hours in advance (, 416.499.0111 ext.101). For pastoral needs, please contact your pastors. Please visit the church’s website for more details and prayer hotline.
  • Our church website was down for a few days, as a result, we were not able to retrieve some missing offering information. If you have donated between Oct. 22 to 26, please re-send the information to (
  • Hopeful Gifts to Lebanon: today is the last day you can make contributions to Lebanon, providing the greatest impact possible by giving where it is most needed this Christmas! (
  • As of the end of October, with the help from government subsidy, the church has a deficit of about $50,000. From now to the end of the year, we need to receive $121,456 to balance the general fund. During the pandemic, the entire world is facing severe challenges. The church will maintain its commitment to missions, food bank and other service organizations and will not cut related financial support.
  • Zoom English Alpha is on every Sun 730pm-900pm.  Please pray for people to know Jesus and his love.  If you want to receive the prayer letter, the contact person is Santos (  If you have friends interested in attending, please ask them to register at:
  • New Baptisms: Enoch Mak, Grace Huang; Membership: Lucas Wong
  • KLS will be hosting our Joint Christmas Worship on December 20th, at 2-3:30pm.  Children of all age groups are welcome to join our celebration; please join the meeting using Junior Sunday Classroom Link.  Looking forward to sharing the joy of Jesus’s birth with your little ones!